The following is a brief summary of some of the areas of our practice:

Litigation Prevention:

For years, Weill & Mazer has been advising private individuals, executives and their companies on how to recognize potential legal problems before they develop into full-blown legal controversies, and then to implement solutions aggressively.

Complex Litigation

The lawyers of Weill & Mazer are experts in the litigation of complex business cases. Our clients expect us to cut through to the essence of the matter, determine the real strengths and weaknesses of a case, and create effective strategies for resolution. Our representation is cost-effective, because we avoid distractions and maintain our focus on the client’s needs.

Business Creation, Operation, and Restructuring

Businesses confront issues of how to organize their activities. Once operational, they encounter internal problems with employees, executives, and regulatory concerns. As they grow, they may seek to acquire other businesses, or themselves be acquired. All of these issues – and many more – can lead to issues among the owners. Satisfactory resolution of these sensitive issues require the advice of experienced counsel. Weill & Mazer has had extensive experience in all of these areas, and can provide the necessary advice and assistance to achieve these goals.